About Us
​We have loved parrots for a very long time! Our children were raised around birds and as you can see from the pictures, they became very adept parrot handlers from a young age. We continue to keep the business in our family even as our own human babies are now grown adults. It is a team effort and we could not do what we do without everyone involved. 

Domestic bred, handfed fabulous feathered friends, Luminary Parrots are lovingly weaned, family raised, and properly socialized to adults, children, and other animals in our active household. We are a small aviary by aviculture practices and are able to spend quality time with our baby parrots as individuals on a daily basis. 

* Personalized, Attentive Service and Quality over Quantity *

Our full guarantee assures that our birds will make healthy, beautiful, satisfying companions with excellent temperaments for those who are true parrot lovers.

We raise the best parrots in the world!

Our parrots have been selectively bred for health, temperament and beauty for over 30 years!

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